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Hi, I’m Linda and I’m the owner (or is it lessee?) of this site and I love to stop and natter over a cup of tea, so why don’t you join me? That’s it, settle down with your favourite afternoon tipple and let’s start a journey into the power of words.

I believe that words change the world, in fact I know they’re the only thing that does. And I’m fascinated by the way they shape our psychology, philosophy, creativity and spirituality. My aim is to help writers and authors make the most of the words they craft so they reach the ears of the audience who most needs to hear them. Whether you have been writing for decades, or are just starting out, there will be something here to help, support and inspire you as you live your writing life.

So why not join me and let’s share a part of each other’s life journey for a while?

It's never too late to live your writing life!

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  • The 07:32 from Pen Mill
    Sitting on the 07.32 from Pen Mill going to a meeting in Bristol I marvel at the things people still do to earn a living and count myself lucky to work at home. I never endure the daily commute amongst people intent only on getting to work (and back again). On the infrequent occasions, I...
  • Hysteria 8 online launch party
    7 pm on 2nd December 2021 saw a bigger group than I’d imagined coming together on Teams to celebrate the launch of the Hysteria 8 anthology containing all 30 long-listed entries over three categories in the Hysteria Writing Competition 2021.