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Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Hi, I’m Linda and I’m the owner (or is it lessee?) of this blog and I love to stop and natter over a cup of tea, so why don’t you join me? That’s it, settle down with your favourite afternoon tipple and let’s start a journey into empowerment.

I’m fascinated by the way in which words shape our psychology, philosophy, creativity and spirituality. I write and blog about all these topics in one form or another. I’m a writer and author and I spend my time empowering people to take control of their words. Oh, and I love to know what makes people tick.

So why not join me and let’s share a part of each other’s life journey for a while?

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Recent posts

Programming your IPS – inner positioning system

We all have a perfect internal compass, one that consistently and accurately guides us in the right direction as we navigate this journey called ‘Life’. I like to think of mine as my IPS (I work in IT so acronyms are a by-product of the way I think :-)), also known as my Inner Positioning … Read more

The one perfect notebook to rule them all

I love a good notebook and I’ve been looking for the perfect notebook for many years. Even though I work in IT and have done for several decades, there is something about the feel of paper and pen. The act of writing words out is soothing and has helped me hugely over many years. But … Read more

I have a dream

I have a dream. No this is not the start of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. Instead, it’s my take on a similar principle. I have a dream, I’ve had it for many years, to give everyone the opportunity to change their life if they want to. The method is simple and effective and it … Read more

The Flower Box by Jane O’Connor, short story category winner 2020

Kay sat on the step of her pottery studio cradling a cup of tea when she felt a nudge on her arm as Pansy, her Nan’s Yorkshire Terrier, rushed past her and began doing joyful circuits of the lawn. Kay had been apprehensive about taking Pansy in, but things had happened so quickly after Nan’s … Read more

Anonymous donor doubles Hysteria Writing Competition prize pot

Thanks to a kind donation from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, the prize funds for each category winner have been doubled to £50 each.

Recent interviews

In conversation with Ben Mears

Born in Cornwall, Ben Mears first began writing high fantasy as a hobbyist, later working on a series of early-medieval whodunits before self-publishing the young adult Tyler May series. A Sock Full of Bones is the first of his novels to be traditionally published.

In conversation with Jenny Jaeckel

Jenny Jaeckel is the author of House of Rougeaux, her debut novel, winner of an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Hisorical Fiction and was named one of Bitch Media’s 25 Must Read Books of 2018; and the forthcoming companion book Boy, Falling, to be published by Black Rose Writing in July 2021. In our time … Read more

In conversation with Emma K Lea

How does a dyslexic become a writer? Having inspirational teachers at school helps, as does parents who won’t allow it to become an excuse. Emma K Lea talks about her journey from ghostwriter to self-publisher, her work as a tutor for others who are also dyslexic and selling children’s books on Etsy. She reflects on … Read more

In conversation with Sahar Abdulaziz

When suspense writer, Sahar Abdulaziz isn’t busy plotting a stabbing, a garroting, or a murder (all on paper of course) she’s busy writing about her crew of highly-entertaining, quirky, unpredictable book characters. Some have been lovely, big-hearted, gentle souls, merely temporarily lost and in search of answers, while others have been eccentric, unconventional, writing their … Read more

In conversation with Wafa Tarnowska

Wafa’ Tarnowska was born in Lebanon and has lived and worked in Australia, India, Cyprus, Poland, the UK and Dubai. She is currently based in the UK dreaming of a hideaway in the land of Dante. In her work, Wafa’ strives to create a valuable bridge between East and West, helping to break down the … Read more