Friday Fictioneers Tales of t’Internet – Len Scleaner the Ocularist

This week I’ve decided to try to combine two of the things I like to try out in one Friday Fictioneers challenge. I’m attempting to add another story to my Tales of t’Internet series, which is my slightly sideways look at the subject of search engine optimisation through the medium of the fairy tale. I … Read more

Tales of t’Internet – the feast and the famine

The continuation of the Tales of the Kindgom of t’Internet a slightly irreverent look at search engine optimisation. When the Kingdom of t’Internet became first occupied the land was lush and green; food and wine flowed for all the inhabitants and everything was good. There was much cheer amongst the people and they regularly enjoyed … Read more


Up until very recently I’ve only ever written factual, ‘how to’ and non-fiction works; then I discovered a completely different voice and found ‘FICTION‘. In fact I’ve now completed my first novel as well. I also thought that I’d only ever write fiction if it were full length works; when I was introduced to something … Read more

Marketing for authors and writers

If you’ve followed this blog for a few weeks now then you probably will have noticed that alongside my writing I’m a social media strategist by profession. I have my own web design and social media management company and I’m forever banging on about how to do this, that or the other when it comes … Read more

Through the Kingdom of t’Internet and the history of the house of ‘Search’

Once upon a time there was a distant land which contained within it a vast and glorious kingdom called t’Internet. Now the kingdom of  t’Internet had many residents who had all worked hard to attain their home in this place that was abundant and fertile to all, many more wanted to gain their status but … Read more