In conversation with Andy Cash, winner of the Hysteria 2020 poetry competition

Andy Cash Photo

Andy Cash was the winner of the Hysteria 2020 poetry competition with his poem The Poets Meeting published in the Hysteria 7 anthology. Andy writes about love, hope, human insecurities, death, our needs, mental illness and weaknesses, strengths, deep desires to be part of a fellow brethren and the lusts of life in an everyday world. He is anti-post truth and a fighter for freedom of the mind. Each poem he writes is about the truth, real people and real events.

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The space between thoughts

thought image

The role of ‘thought’ in our experience of life and the world around us has been a defining understanding over the last few years for me. But it’s never been in such sharp relief as in the last 17 months. I am bemused by the observation of myself seesawing between different worries, concerns and misunderstandings as I try (along with the rest of humanity) to make sense of how we’ve got to where we are.

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In conversation with Jane O’Connor, winner of the Hysteria 2020 short story competition

jane o'connor photo

Jane O’Connor was the winner of the Hysteria 2020 short story competition with her story The Flower Box published in the Hysteria 7 anthology. Jane is a writer of short stories and novels, as well as a researcher and reader in Childhood Studies at Birmingham City University. Her latest novel,’The Trial of Gwen Foley‘ is out now, July 2021 and published by @Bloodhoundbook

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The one perfect notebook to rule them all

perfect notebook image

I love a good notebook and I’ve been looking for the perfect notebook for many years. Even though I work in IT and have done for several decades, there is something about the feel of paper and pen. The act of writing words out is soothing and has helped me hugely over many years. But it has to be the right notebook and the right pen.

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I have a dream

fairy godmother image

I have a dream.

No this is not the start of Martin Luther King’s famous speech.

Instead, it’s my take on a similar principle. I have a dream, I’ve had it for many years, to give everyone the opportunity to change their life if they want to. The method is simple and effective and it works every time, but first, you have to see me as I really am.

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