How To Build A Brilliant Business With The Internet

How To Build A Brilliant Business With The Internet (101 essential hints & tips for every small business & entrepreneur) is available to buy in the following formats:

Paperback – from Amazon UK
Paperback – from Amazon US
eBook for the Amazon Kindle – from Amazon
PDF eBook (to print yourself) and save time and postage from this site
ePub eBook format for the Kindle, Nook and Sony PRS from
eBook from the Apple iStore

How To Build A Brilliant Business With The Internet is not just any ‘how to‘ guide for Internet Marketing, although it does stop off at marketing along the way. Nor is it a book about how to create your own website, but it does give you some suggestions for this as well. Instead, it is a holistic book that talks you through everything you need to know about using the Internet to make your business more effective – and it can be applied to just about any business.

The book talks you through the basics of using the Internet for business, why your competitors can be your best asset, the legal and tax implications of doing business online, how to undertake online marketing, what stops you from appearing on the Google and the pro’s and con’s of websites (you may even find out you don’t actually need one). It also talks you through many of the tools, services and opportunities that exist which can give your business the edge it is looking for – and many won’t cost you a penny.

Why not have a look at the contents and see the subjects covered.

The Internet has never been easier to use by savvy small businesses and those with an entrepreneurial spirit and every one that sells products or services should be using it to build their business now!

Divided into 101 easily digested chunks of really helpful information it is perfect for those just starting out on the road to business success. For those who have been doing it for some time the suggestions, hints and tips can really notch your business up a gear. This book shows how you can:

  • get started, if you aren’t in business already
  • use free online tools to create a really great website
  • promote your product quickly & easily, even without a website
  • build an email marketing list
  • generate additional revenue streams
  • increase visitor numbers to your website
  • turn those visitors into customers
  • optimise your website for search engines

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  1. That blog has plenty of seriously valuable stuff on it! Many thanks for sharing it with me!

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