Hysteria 1

Hysteria 1 is an anthology of the winning stories and poetry from The Hysterectomy Association’s 2012 writing competition.

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Hysteria 1 is an anthology of the winning stories and poems submitted to the Hysteria 2012 Short Story and Poetry writing competition. Each of these entries reflects a different aspect of the things that are important to women and we share in the ups and downs of events which span both time and female experience.

We get an insight into what it must be like to lose a child, the reaction of a spurned lover, an insight into marriage and the rivalries of school friends that have never quite made it out of the playground.

The poems are equally insightful, sharing the experiences of lost youth and looks; a sense of history in children’s homes and the call to action that asks us to live life to the full, waving our hands in the air.

Hysteria is an annual competition for women only; it opens on the 1st April each year and closes at midnight on the 31st August. You can find out more about the next competition here: The Hysteria Writing Competition.

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