Hysteria 2

Hysteria 2 is an anthology of the winning stories and poetry from The Hysterectomy Association’s 2013 writing competition.

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Hysteria 2 is an anthology of winning stories from the Hysteria 2013 writing competition. The stories span cultures, some you will be familiar with and others you won’t.

They cover a wide range of experiences that affect women in today’s 21st century world. We meet the girl who can’t attain her dream because school is for boys, the reality of living with a stroke, long distance marriage, how the childless cope in a world full of technology and a marriage with no heart.

Ten stories altogether, each is told with feeling and love and every one reaches into the heart of the reader without any effort whatsoever.

Contributors and Winners:

  • Tracy Fells
  • Valerie Clements
  • Veronica Bright
  • Yvonne Walus
  • Mararet McAlister
  • Shelia Llewellyn
  • Margaret Davies
  • Sarah Hegarty
  • Lynne Voyce Mairi
  • Wilson

Hysteria is an annual writing competition for women that opens on 1st April and closes to entries on 31st August. You can find out more on the Hysterectomy Association website page about the Hysteria Writing Competition.


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