Hysteria 3

Hysteria 3 is the anthology of winning stories, poetry and flash fiction from the 2014 Hysteria Writing Competition.

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Each of these outstanding entries from the 2014 Hysteria Writing Competition is designed by the authors, writers and poets to entertain, stimulate and provoke the reader. The competition’s theme is Women and each winner has reflected a very different aspect of the glorious, touching and amazing female experience.

As well as revealing key moments in women’s lives and relationships this anthology paints a rich and vivid picture of life as we experience it. The writers tell us of the big issues and life events; love, hate, abuse, betrayal, birth, marriage and death. Equally the smaller, more intimate moments are also beautifully observed, often shedding light on the inner landscape of both women and writer.

Many of the entries examine the cultural and social encounters we take for granted, and in their telling perhaps encourage us to review our own life events in new ways and with fresh eyes.

This is the third anthology from the Hysteria Writing Competition. Hysteria 1 and Hysteria 2 from the 2012 and 2013 writing competitions are also available to buy.

The Hysteria Writing Competition is an annual, international writing competition run by The Hysterectomy Association. It is open only to women writers and each year it publishes the top ten writers in each category. The Hysteria Writing Competition opens on 1st April each year and closes at Midnight on 31st August.

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