Hysteria 4

Hysteria 4 is the anthology of winning stories, poetry and flash fiction from the 2015 Hysteria Writing Competition.

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Each category has 10 fantastic winners that all challenge women to reflect and review how they think about life. Our annual theme is always ‘women’, in their many and varied guises. Each entry takes a different look at the things common to our gender. This year a standout theme was that of strength and diversity; the indomitable strength and determination of our heroines, characters and voices shines through.

Judging the competition is a herculean task and to celebrate this achievement you’ll find sage advice from a selection of our judging panel in each category section. This invaluable insight into the process is perfect for those hoping to win writing competitions in the future.

Our winners are:

  • Evelyn Brimacombe
  • Susan Howe
  • Clare Graham
  • Damhnait (“Downith”) Monaghan
  • Alison Wassell
  • Gayle Letherby
  • Sally Jubb
  • Vanessa Savage
  • Jacqueline Cooper
  • Victoria Briggs
  • Lucy Welsh
  • Alexandra Swinburn
  • Gwen Sayers
  • Katie Martin
  • Emma Norry
  • Alex Reece Abbott
  • Shauna Mackay
  • Jude Lockwood
  • Deborah  Riccio
  • Sue Spiers
  • Cath Blackfeather
  • Wendy Locke
  • Maureen Gallagher
  • Janet Lees
  • Abigail Wyatt
  • Helen Curtis
  • Nicola Warwick
  • Mary Oliver

This is the fourth anthology from the Hysteria Writing Competition. Hysteria 1Hysteria 2 and Hysteria 3 from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 writing competitions are also available to buy. If you’ve enjoyed the other anthologies then you’ll love this one too.

The Hysteria Writing Competition is an annual, international writing competition run by The Hysterectomy Association. It is open only to women writers and each year it publishes the top ten writers in each category. The Hysteria Writing Competition opens on 1st April each year and closes at Midnight on 31st August.

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