Hysteria 5

Hysteria 5 is the anthology of winning stories, poetry and flash fiction from the 2016 Hysteria Writing Competition.

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Each of these outstanding entries are written by the authors, writers and poets to entertain, stimulate and provoke the reader. Every year we work with the same loose theme, things of interest to women. Every year I am stunned and humbled by the breadth and vitality the entries breath into common issues.

In this anthology, we continue the tradition started in Hysteria 3 of including a a selection of advice from our Hysteria 2016 judges. They have a wealth of writing, competition and publishing experience that you can draw on in the future.

Our winners are:

Hysteria 2016 Finalists – Poetry

  • Dizzy With It, Mandy Huggins
  • Wolves chew through chains like they do prey, Nina S Stone
  • Hard Labour, Janis Clark
  • Once I was a Tree, Nicola Warwick
  • The light is different, Eithne Cullen
  • Garden Gate, Jenny Hunt
  • Two inches numb, Lee Nash
  • A Young Man Once, Barney Harper
  • Soapbox,  Kathryn Jacopi
  • Nativity, Lindy Newns

Hysteria 2016 Finalists – Flash Fiction

  • Sleeping Dogs, Irene Buckler
  • Waiting for the Big One, Marie Gethins
  • Octopus, Gwen Sayers
  • Boudicca, Karen Money
  • Batman and Unicorns, Natalie Poyser
  • Helix Aspersa, Vicki Morley
  • What doesn’t kill you, Laura Bridge
  • Skinny Dipping, Josephine L Martin
  • Sea Change, Sharon Telfer
  • The Sound of One Page Ripping, Jude Higgins

Hysteria 2016 Finalists – Short Story

  • When Jesus Came to Tea, Olga Wojtas
  • Inspiration, Linda Fawke
  • Tartan Legs, Maureen Cullen
  • Counting Squirrels, Jacqui Cooper
  • In the Pink, Tracy Davidson
  • The Coffee Business, Clare Girvan
  • With Deepest Regret, Kelly Turner
  • Seeing in the Dark, Laura Morgan
  • A ‘Ta Da’ Moment, Sandra Crook
  • Safe as houses, Christine Griffin

This is the fifth anthology from the Hysteria Writing Competition. Hysteria 1Hysteria 2Hysteria 3 and Hysteria 4 from the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 writing competitions are also available to buy. If you’ve enjoyed the other anthologies then you’ll love this one too.

The Hysteria Writing Competition is an annual, international writing competition. Each year it publishes the top ten writers in each category. The Hysteria Writing Competition opens on 1st April each year and closes at Midnight on 31st August.

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