In My Own Words: Women’s Experience of Hysterectomy

In My Own Words: women’s experience of hysterectomy is available in the following formats:

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Kindle Version from Amazon COM
PDF eBook (to print yourself)
Paperback Version – from Amazon UK
eBook for the Amazon Kindle – from Amazon UK
ePub ebook
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  • Perhaps you’ve had or are thinking about having a hysterectomy.
  • Maybe you know someone who is having a hysterectomy.

In either situation the most common reaction is to feel isolated and fearful about what you don’t know. I believe having enough good quality, impartial information is the key to navigating this change successfully, I also know that other people’s stories are incredibly powerful too.

This book of real-life stories has been drawn together from many that have been shared with us over the years. They show that whilst every experience of hysterectomy is unique there are common threads and themes running through them. Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid. They show their concerns are genuine and that the only way to deal with them is to voice them.

These stories are a mixed bag telling of loss, happiness, joy and pain and they talk of a need to share with others before moving on.

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