The Flower Box by Jane O’Connor, short story category winner 2020

flower box

Kay sat on the step of her pottery studio cradling a cup of tea when she felt a nudge on her arm as Pansy, her Nan’s Yorkshire Terrier, rushed past her and began doing joyful circuits of the lawn. Kay had been apprehensive about taking Pansy in, but things had happened so quickly after Nan’s fall that she had felt it was the only option, and her Nan had been so grateful.

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Hysteria 2020 finalists

children winning

It’s taken 6 months, many hours on the part of lots of people including all the wonderful entrants, and finally I’m at the stage where I can announce the finalists in the Hysteria 2020 Writing Competition. The under 16’s category hasn’t been finalised yet, so I will update this post later this week when I have the details.

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Turning to poetry – Hysteria writing prompts for August

poetry book picture

I hope, like me, you’ve been finding it easy to write this summer. It’s lovely to have those bright mornings (best writing time for me) and long evenings that just seem to slip away when we’re busy. I know so many people have been turning to poetry to help set down their thoughts about the virus and the weird way we’ve had to adapt our lives and our relationships. We’ve been switching between fear and hope, worrying about things and feeling confident at times.

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On writing prompts – Hysteria writing prompts for July

poetry book image

Don’t forget the 2020 competition… the deadline is approaching. If you haven’t already written something to submit, there is still time to do so. For my inspiration this month I’m going to share some ways of playing with words to create writing prompts that make some poetry, stories or just get you started on writing … Read more