Whose truth is it anyway?

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I woke up this morning with the title of this blog post pounding a drumbeat in my head and had to write it down immediately. It was born out of a need to focus on this elusive thing we call ‘truth’. In light of recent events in the United States, and closer to home personally, I felt it was time to embrace the conversation that starts something along the lines of ‘there is no such thing as truth’.

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Setting yourself free and finding your voice

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The period between Christmas and New Year is an odd hinterland of non-doing for me. The celebrations of Christmas pause and wait until the celebrations of New Year begin. That space between one year and the next is when I try and get through tasks that would normally be difficult to do, not because they’re hard, but because they require discipline and time – not something I’m normally abundent in!

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Questions of Age

I was at a friends 50th birthday party last night and it got me thinking as I watched all these vastly different people and how they interacted and communicated with each other, that we really have no concept of ‘age’. We measure our time on earth by years, but what is a year?

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What is Reality?

What is reality? what a big question! I first encountered this world view many years ago when I was a student of Theology at Manchester University in one of my Philosophy of Religion classes. It has bugged me ever since and I have been trying to make sense of it and how it applies to my world for what seems like forever.

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