Is it a threat?

image showing snake as a threat

You know what it’s like to encounter something new for the first time. There’s a moment of surprise, perhaps even shock, before the eye starts roving around, exploring. What your subconscious brain is trying to do is place this ‘thing’ in context; can I eat it, should I run away or does it pose no threat? Your conscious brain isn’t aware that this is playing out in the background.

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What is User Adoption?

user adoption

In its broadest sense user adoption is the process by which people are encouraged to change their behaviour in some way. Although the process is old, the terminology is relatively new and is often heard when some sort of technology is being introduced that changes a way someone does something.

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Impact! A new model for digital change and transformation


Over the last few years I’ve worked with many different change management and communication models. I’ve adapted them and they have undeniably demonstrated real value for the clients I’ve worked with. But there was always something I couldn’t shoehorn in, one essential element that just didn’t seem to fit well enough.

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5 simple questions for a user focused case study

case study image

This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile here: 5 simple questions for a user focused case study.

Broadly, there are two types of advertising, they can be described as ‘aspirational’ (think the latest iPhone) and ‘girl or boy next door’ (someone just like me). One of the many reasons they are so effective at what they do is because they tap into our core beliefs about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us.

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