Benefits of Internet Marketing

I’m often asked why a business should bother with Internet Marketing and it’s actually a very difficult question to answer, because it really depends on where a business is starting from, what they are hoping for and how it fits into their overall strategy.  However, there are often some common themes and I thought I’d just list a few of them here to get us going – with the plan being to expand on these in the coming weeks.

  1. You can attract qualified leads far more easily
  2. Conversion to customer is simplified
  3. Cheaper and more flexible that printed advertising – it also hangs around for longer.
  4. It breaks down geographical barriers
  5. You can personalise your messages to suit an individual.
  6. You can diversify your revenue streams more easily and generate passive income in addition to normal sales behaviours.
  7. It is on 24/7 – so you don’t have to worry about missing calls or enquiries
  8. It can be automated to within an inch of it’s life
  9. You can provide great customer service simply by satisfying a need at the point of requirement.
  10. It is easy to add value to your offering, this could be as simple as a follow up email or ‘phone call, or by providing valuable information not available elsewhere.
  11. You can standardise the sales process, which means you can measure it more accurately and then refine it.
  12. It gives you the opportunity to improve your credibility and establish expertise
  13. You can promote your physical presence too – especially with events or the use of special offers
  14. It gives you the highly sought after ‘two way’ communication with current and potential customers
  15. There are great ways to do simple market research and establish demand BEFORE pouring money into a new product or service

However, the power of such Marketing lies in the planning and preparation, and before that the strategy because as I am often reminded ‘if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’.

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