Broadcasting Powerful Messages with Twitter – FREE on Kindle Direct Programme This Week

In Broadcasting Powerful Messages with Twitter we learn that a Powerful Message is one which is heard by the right people, at the right time who then take the action you would like them to, whether that is to click on a link, share your message or follow you. It is very easy to get sucked into a life of tweeting randomly about your day, but whilst this might get you lots of followers, the likelihood is they won’t actually take the actions that can help you build your business.

Broadcasting Powerful Messages TwitterIf you would like to grab yourself a free copy then it is FREE from now (13th August 2012) until about 7.00am on Saturday (20th August). In the US the times are midnight on Sunday to midnight on Friday.


  • What a powerful message is.
  • Who the right people to hear that message might be.
  • What the right time to share is to share those tweets.
  • Who you should follow and why.
  • How you find followers through the art of conversation.
  • How to identify the top influencers in your market sector.
  • The practicalities of setting up and running your account.
  • How to create the perfect Twitter profile.
  • How to use the search functionality effectively.
  • How you can segment your activity with lists.
  • Some simple tools to measure the outcomes of all your activity.

This post is in place of my normal Weekly Word challenge – I shall be back next Monday with a new word to share 🙂

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