Business Basics

By now, it may be fairly evident that I run two businesses.  The first is The Hysterectomy Association and the second is called Grow A Better Business.  The former is of course obvious I guess, but the latter is less so.  In fact it is an Internet Consultancy business that specialises in enabling businesses to make the very best use they can of the Internet in all it’s glorious guises. 

My focus is on the strategic use of the Internet to move a business forward, whilst I can do web design and development, there are others who are better placed and more inclined to that than I am.  I love working with businesses on the Internet Marketing strategies and search engine optimisation techniques; I get a great deal of pleasure out of helping them to define exactly what it is they want from a website and then produce the detailed specifications to ensure they get it.  I’m a project manager, I like to see things through from end to end and walk away feeling that I’ve done the best job I can.

But … and it’s a big but …. I often fly in the face of the traditional web development community and as a result sparks can fly.  I have this going on at the moment with a with website that quite frankly, sucks.  This is when my job becomes difficult because it is hard as a client to know what is right.  If only the web development team would talk to me directly, everything could be sorted in a very short space of time with less hassle and less bother than it’s all causing at the moment.  I guess it comes down to that most basic of business basics – communication (and lot’s of it)!

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