Google adds Caffeine to it’s offering

For those of us interested in the way that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works with the various search engines, the introduction of a new project by Google, dubbed Caffeine, could have serious implications for those sites who have been sitting back on their laurels for the last few years secure in the knowledge that they had a good link strategy and longevity on their side.

The differences aren’t that tangible initially apart from the fact that searching is quicker and the rankings change.  You can try it out for yourself at:  It is this latter feature that could have repercusions.  News and images are featuring less prominently and the focused search results that appear at the bottom of each search page are much more focussed than they have previously been.  And most interestingly for me, was the comment by Domus Agency who said:

“.. the difference between the better performing sites and keywords versus the worst performing ones was related to the consistency of blogging efforts.  The sites that had related blogs with more frequent posts fared better with Google’s new regime.”

I wonder how this will impact on your site?  And I guess it makes my online course on Social Networking for Business – Including a major section on Business Blogging – all the more relevant.

2 thoughts on “Google adds Caffeine to it’s offering”

  1. Good post. Google is really upping their game and releasing products, tools and services for everyone in all aspects on business! Going to check out your social networking course now!

  2. This is really interesting, Linda, and makes the content of your course all the more relevant to me in my business. I found the Social Networking for Business course enlightening, as it covered all levels from developing a strategy right down to the nuts and bolts of how to implement it. But what was most unexpected was how enjoyable business blogging could be!

    Thanks again for producing the course, from a very satisfied student.

    Anne Orchard
    Author ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’

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