How to be a Rockstar Blogger

how to be a rockstar blogger

I guess that most people start a blog because they’d really like to share something they are passionate about with the rest of the world. They hope that they’ll get the chance to speak to increasingly large groups of people on a regular basis and perhaps change hearts and minds.

The reality though is that many blogs start but few carry on; the reason is simple, they don’t receive the attention that the blogger feels they deserve, the blogger loses heart and eventually gives up altogether.

Perhaps you’re hoping to be the next Chris Guillebeau at the Art of Non-Conformity or even the next Pro Blogger. It may be that you worry about making an impact because you think there are too many people ‘doing it’ already.

I’m here to tell you that you can cause ripples and even make waves in the subject pond you’re interested in. All you need is a little help and guidance to get you started going in the right direction.

It’ll give you some ideas and suggestions about how to get started if you’re just starting out, and how to improve if you’ve been going for sometime.

I guess you may be wondering why I might have the answers you need and it’s a fair question. I’ve been writing online since the mid 1990’s and one of my other selves is a social entrepreneur that runs a website with 2,000,000 visitors every year, many of whom hang around leaving comments on the blog, joining in the Facebook discussions and sharing with their peers on the forums. I’ve learnt a little about what works and what doesn’t and I’m always happy to share that knowledge with others.

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  1. Thanks for your generosity. I really need this great resource. Although I am getting visitors to my site I am convinced that I could get more. I put in all that I have and wish more people to read it.

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