In My Own Words: Women’s Experiences of Hysterectomy

Several years ago, I began a project that involved asking users of the Hysterectomy Association to tell us their own stories and experience of hysterectomy. Over the years, many stories have been submitted and it’s interesting to me to see how they have helped other women come to terms with the same, or similar issues.

Earlier this year I decided to see if we could bring these stories together into a single volume of work called In My Own Words: Women’s Experiences of Hysterectomy. The plan is to use a platform called Kickstarter to see if we can get the project funded to the tune of £2,500 from a large group of people each providing just a small proportion of the funds needed. Will you help me to raise the funds necessary?

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How you can help

1. There are various ways you could help us to raise the money. The first is to donate to the project directly and there are all sorts of gifts available to you from simple copies of the anthology to download, right up to specially commissioned hardback copies.

Click here to donate to the In My Own Words project

2. The second is to help us promote the project to your friends, family and acquaintances by sending them an email, posting it as a status update on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account or even adding it to any websites you might have.

Copy and paste this link to share the project details with your networks.

3. Finally, you could contribute a story to the book. You can find out more about the sort of stories we are hoping to include in the Your Stories section of the Hysterectomy Association website.

Thanks in advance for your help and support

Linda x

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