Power of social networking – Case Study

Earlier today I had a conversation with a guy called Brett whose Mum has terminal cancer. The conversation took place in the guise of my other ‘hat’ as Director of The Hysterectomy Association. You can read the original post I made on the associations website here.

I thought I’d detail what happened next:

  • I received a message from my messaging service to say Brett had called at 11.16am
  • I also received an email direct from Brett at 12.32am
  • I managed to call him back at about 2.45 just before I left for a meeting and talked to him just as he was packing to leave

During the conversation, I have to say I felt a little helpless and wasn’t sure what to do next. THA is very much about information, not about ’causes’. Yet something about the story really touched me and so I did what I have NEVER done before – I decided to publicise the story.

  • At 2.57 I sent an email message out to 16,000 people about the story
  • I also added a blog post onto the Association website which then fed directly into Twitter at just after 3.00pm
  • It also appeared on my Facebook profile at about the same time (fed from Twitter)
  • And I had a notification from Google to say that the post had been indexed just an hour or so later

Thus far, his MP’s office has responded to the email with one to me and a ‘phone call to Brett. I have received offers of help from dozens of people already expressing everything from sadness to empathy. They are still coming in, and if past experience of my email broadcasts is anything to go by, I’ll be getting them for a few days yet. These are all being passed on and I’m waiting to hear what the final count of telephone calls is.

There have been direct recommendations of services to follow up as well as other suggestions, together with staff from the social services in other parts of the country expressing their concern at what has happened. Now it’s a case of sit back and watch what happens – hopefully things will be galvanised into action.

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