Small changes

It would be true to say that small changes, undertaken regularly can lead to huge changes over a longer period of time.  Let’s take the idea of writing a book for instance, say one about LinkedIn 🙂  You might start by spending just a few minutes thinking about the sort of things that people might want to know.  The next day you could take that one stage further and write down the chapter headings.  Under each chapter heading you might have some section titles, and then you  might write a paragraph or two about each one.  In no time at all you have a book and yet, you may only have spent a very short period of time each day on writing it.  Now, you may wonder why I’m telling you this.  The reason is that art of social networking is all in the connections you make and the relationships you build with those connections.

Your connections aren’t going to give you anything until they have a relationship with you, and so I’d like to introduce you to my good friend, Anne Orchard who happens to be giving a presentation on the very topic I outlined about at the next Creative Cooperation event for BusinessXchange.  Everyone that is in Dorset, would be well advised to try and get there early to book themselves onto Anne’s table as she knows a thing or two about creating information products and about what are called multiple streams of income.

So Anne, step forward and take a bow.  Just as an aside, Anne is an author and is also building up an organisation to help the families of those who have cancer, if you are at all affected by these issues, then Anne is the person to talk to.  You will find her at

And now to today’s statistics – which will change tomorrow when the actual ones are in and counted!!

  • The total number of books sold – 9
  • The number of books sold online – 9
  • The number of books sold for directly to people instead of online – 0
  • The amount of money raised for charity – £18.00
  • The amount paid out to affiliates too – £0.00
  • The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 382
  • Some basic website statistics, such as number of visitors and pages viewed so far today – Visitors – 100, Pages Viewed – 372
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