Social media gratitude and thanks

I’ve recently completed crowd-funding project on Kickstarter and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of two very special groups of people. The first of those groups are the  people who generously backed the project so that it met it’s target; the second are those who helped by promoting the project on their social media accounts. Below I’ve listed all those I know about:

Blog Posts

Anne Orchard wrote about raising funds for your book project. Anne is the author of two books, Their Cancer, your Journey and Be An Author.

Robyn Chausse from Women on Writing wrote about Removing the Hysterical.

Mohana Rajakumar included the project in her Wordless Wednesday’s Post: Support Women Writers and Women’s Health. Mohana is the author of several books including the excellent, Love Comes Later and Mommy but Still Me.

Marc Nash very kindly invited me to write a guest post on his blog Sulci Collective and you can find it there under the title of A Kickstarter Project. Marc is the author of Time after Time, a futuristic fantasy novel where Terminator meets Attack the Block.

Madison Woods invited me to share her blog with her and you can me there on a post called In My Own Words: Madison is a Speculative fiction author and the creator of Plant Spirit Meditation Cards.

The website, Hormones Matter, invited me on to their site as well and you can see another In My Own Words post.

The fertility and infertility research news portal featured the project here: in-my-own-words-womens-experiences-of-hysterectomy-kickstarter-presentation-video.php.

It appeared on First


The following members of the Twitterati have been tweeting about the project too:

Mohana Rajakumar ‏@moha_doha
MarcNash @‏21stCscribe
Karen Dash ‏@ExisleMoll
Women on the Verge ‏@womenontheverge
Destiny Allison ‏@SFSculptor
Denise M Hartman ‏@DeniseMHartman
Robyn Chausse ‏@RCchrps
Matthew Hirtes ‏@MatthewHirtes
Chrissie Sainsbury @chrissi_h
Deone Higgs @Deone_Higgs
Ashley McCook @aly3008
Simo Muinonen @SimoMuinonen
Anne Cooper @AnneMCooper500
Yasmin Selena Butt @YasminSelena
Westrow Cooper @WestrowC
Annie McDowall @BeanstalkCoach
Mark Blunden @wuweiwu1
Mike Little @MikeLittleZed1
Madison Woods @Madison_Woods
Lawrence Ainsworth @laurenceexigent
Lesley Fletcher @gypsyles

As the project continues and I get more people to include then I’ll be sure to do another update to say thank you again.

Facebook Shares

The Sali Hoe Foundation for Cervical Cancer
Med Helper
Lucine Women Community
Carole E Wyer
Madison Woods

I do know that there were more mentions, shares and likes out there, but these are the only ones I can find. If you know of anyone else I should be thanking by a mention then please do let me know.


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