The Thursday Throng

‘Throng’ n. – A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.

Between 2012 and 2020 I interviewed a few hundred authors. In 2020 I changed it to a podcast which took a break for a few months and will be restarting in April. Below are the links the written interviews in date order. I have some more to add and links to update, so keep an eye on the page to see which ones pop up next!

Past Thursday Throng Author Interviews









  • 19th December – Charles Dickens, author of A Christmas Carol
  • 12th December – Janet Gogerty, author of Three Ages of Man
  • 5th December – Tracy Fells, winner of Hysteria 2013
  • 28th November – Stephanie Elmas, author of The Room Beyond
  • 21st November – A. Katie Rose, author Of In A Wolf’s Eye’s
  • 14th November – Lin Treadgold, author of Goodbye Henrietta Street
  • 7th November – Gary Bonn, author of The Evil and The Fear
  • 31st October – Martha Gabler, author of Chaos to Calm
  • 24th October – Huw Thomas, author of The Vault
  • 17th October – Melissa Bowerstock, author of Stone’s Ghost
  • 10th October – Martyn Stanley, author of The Deathsworn Arc
  • 3rd October – Alan Parks, author of Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?
  • 26th September – Suzie Tullett, author of Little White Lies & Butterflies
  • 19th September – Jaen Hardy, author of The Main Man
  • 12th September – Margaret Johnson, author of The Goddess Workshop
  • 5th September – An interview with Fiona Ross, author of Far Out
  • 29th August – An interview with Louise West, author of Strange Ideas: Death, destiny and decisions
  • 22nd August – Interview with Bruce Moore, author of For Those About to Cook Pure Metal
  • 15th August – Interview with Sheryl Browne, author of A Little Bit of Madness
  • 8th August – Interview with Jamie Baywood, author of Getting Rooted in New Zealand
  • 1st August – Interview with Laurie Boris, author of Don’t Tell Anyone
  • 25th July – Interview with Kim Maya, author of Entschuldidung aber ich bin nur Kinderarzt
  • 18th July – Interview with Chaz n Dave, authors of Revenge of the Golf Widow
  • 11th July – Interview with Will Macmillan Jones, author of Bass Instinct
  • 4th July – Interview with Patsy Collins, author of A Year and a Day
  • 27th June – Interview and Giveaway with Richie Earl, author of The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse
  • 20th June – Interview and Giveaway with Julieanne Lynch, author of Within the Shadows
  • 13th June – Interview with Robin Morgan, author of I kissed a ghost
  • 6th June – Interview and Giveaway with Guilhermo Tavares, author of The Third Silhouette
  • 30th May – Interview and Giveaway with Dave Sivers, Author of Scars Beneath the Soul
  • 23rd May – Interview with Nicky Wells, author of Sophie’s Run
  • 16th May – Interview with Ben Stevens, author of Buddha’s Breakfast: Adventures at a 16th Century Japanese Temple
  • 9th May – Interview with Tom Evans, author of This We Know
  • 2nd May – Interview with Steven Herz, author of Songs You Can’t Dance To
  • 25th April – Interview with Elizabeth Hopkinson, author of Silver Hands
  • 18th April – Interview with Carol Wyer, author of How Not To Murder Your Grumpy
  • 11th April – Interview with CL Raven, authors and ghost-hunters
  • 4th April – Interview with Amanda Reynolds, author of Walk Away
  • 28th March – Interview with Charlotte Howard, author of Seven Dirty Words
  • 21st March – interview with The Foreplayers, authors of Beating about the Bush
  • 14th March – interview with Jamie Alexander, author of Nowhere Like Home
  • 7th March – interview and Giveaway with Apple Gidley, author of Expat Life, slice by slice
  • 21st February – interview and Giveaway with Andy Lopata, the author of Recommended
  • 21st February – interview with writer and editor Victoria Shockley
  • 14th February – Interview with Jayne Thickett, winner of Hysteria 2012 Writing Competition
  • 7th February – Interview with Marc Nash, author Time after Time
  • 31st January – Interview with Kylee Gwartney, author of Catching the Fever
  • 24th January – Interview with David Laing, author of Forest Spirit
  • 17th January – Interview with Rich Voza, author of Room 317
  • 10th January – Interview with Dee Doanes, author of The Man with the Green Suitcase
  • 3rd January – Interview with Venessa Kimball, author of Piercing the Fold


  • 27th December – Interview with Yasmin Selena Butt, author of Gunshot Glitter
  • 20th December – Interview with JW Bull, author of Pickin’ Tomatoes
  • 13th December – Interview with Ben Burrell, author of Red Leaves and the Living Token
  • 8th December – Interview with Carol Bentley, author of I Want To Buy Your Product.. Have You Sent Me A Sales Message Yet?
  • 29th November – Interview with Joanna and Ron, authors of The Cordello Quest
  • 22nd November – Interview with Bryan Johnson, author of Yield
  • 15th November – Interview and Giveaway with Mik Everett, author of Turtle: the American Contrition of Franz Ferdinand’
  • 8th November – Interview and Giveaway with Steve Cohen, author of Travel to the G-Spot
  • 1st November – Interview and Giveaway with Ray East, author of Voluspa
  • 25th October – Interview and Giveaway with Kerry Quinn, Author of FunEmployed
  • 18th October – Interview and Giveaway with Diana Murdock, author of Souled
  • 11th October – Interview and Giveaway with Matthew Hirtes, author of Going Local in Gran Canaria
  • 4th October – Interview with Rob Kaufmann, author of One Last Lie
  • 27th September – Interview and Giveaway with Gwynneth White, author of Pledged
  • 20th Septmber – Interview and Giveaway with Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries
  • 13th September – Interview and Giveaway with Susan Scott, author of In Praise of Lilith
  • 7th September – Interview and Giveaway with Denise Hartman, author of Killed In Kruger
  • 30st August – Interview and Giveaway with Destiny Allison, author of Shaping Destiny
  • 23rd August – Interview and Giveaway with Tony Slater, Author of That Bear Ate My Pants!
  • 16th August – Interview and Giveaway with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Author of And Love Comes Later
  • 9th August – Interview and Signed Copy Giveway with Joe Cawley, Author of More Ketchup than Salsa
  • 2nd August – Interview with Wendy Knee, Author of Never Die Wondering
  • 26th July- Interview and GIVEAWAY with TD McKinnon, Author of Terra Nullius
  • 19th July – Interview with Wafa Tarnowska, Award Winning author of Arabian Nights
  • 12th July – Interview with Julie Rainy, author of Lost Princess, The Journey Home
  • 5th July – Interview and BOOK GIVEAWAY with Mike Meyer, author of Covert Dreams
  • 28th June – Interview with Sue Brayne, author of Sex, Meaning and the Menopause
  • 21st June – Interview with Annie McDowell, award winning author of ‘Charity Begins with Murder’
  • 14th June – Interview and BOOK GIVEAWAY with Stacy Mantle, author of ‘Shepherd’s Moon’
  • 7th June – Interview with Lesley Fletcher, author of ’5 Pillars of the Gypsy’
  • 31st May – Interview with Michael Cargill, author of ‘Shades of Grey’
  • 24th May – Interview with Vanda North, author of ‘Mind Chi – rewire your brain in 8 minutes a day’
  • 17th May – Interview and BOOK GIVE-AWAY with Sadie S Forsythe, author of ‘The Weeping Empress’
  • 10th May – Interview with Jenny Rossiter, author of ‘The Masks that Men Wear’
  • 3rd May – Meeting Anne Orchard, Founder of Families Facing Cancer
  • 26th April – Meeting Meaghan Delahunt, award-winning novelist
  • 19th April – Meeting Emma Piers author of the Therapeutic Bedtime Stories series for Children

I no longer do the Thursday throng author interviews. Instead, I prefer a conversation with a real person. Fill out the form if you’d like to be considered for my monthly The Art of Being interview.

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