The Top 10 Facebook Pages that Authors and Writers Should Be Following

Whilst I have mixed feelings about Facebook, especially in light of the way they are now requiring Page’s to pay to promote their updates to all their ‘Fans’ (see this article for more info if you’re interested: posts-on-facebook-pages-not-showing-to-everyone-that-likes-you) it is still a force to be reckoned with and provides some great benefits to people who become active on it to support their business.

The trick with Facebook is to use it for what it is, a networking tool and yes, Pages can network with other pages on Facebook too – giving your own FB presence greater exposure to people who are not your family and friends and who may not find out about you any other way. However, which pages do you network with and why?

The list below is my top ten pages that Authors and Writers should be engaging with so go and like them, then start networking with them and finally watch the effects on your own Facebook Page. They are not listed in any particular order so please don’t read anything into my numbering.

1. BookCrossing

book crossing

If you haven’t discovered Bookcrossing yet you are in for a real treat and I’ll be doing a more detailed post about how you can use it to full advantage next week sometime.

2. Mslexia


THE platform for women writers is always a great page to work with

3. Lulu


I publish with Lulu and their page have been incredibly supportive when I was doing Free days of the kindle version of one of my books – well worth checking out if you are one of their authors.

4. Lovereading

Love Reading

Is especially for those in the UK who are keen to connect with readers here too, they have four different pages to suit four different genres; crime/mystery, romance, real lives, literary and you can find links to all of them here:

5. Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner

Is a literary agent whose page is chock full of useful information for authors of all types :

6. Kindle Nation Daily

Kindle Nation Daily

Is one of the Granddaddy’s of Facebook Pages and promotes free Kindle books from its website and FB page :

7. Goodreads


Although I find the Goodreads FB App really frustrating the page that sits along side it is particularly useful, particularly their Friday Question to readers about what they will be reading over the weekend:

8. Free Kindle Books and Tips

Kindle Books and Tips

Yes, I know another Kindle Page but it has some great interaction with authors and is worth checking out :

9. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing

Has a good following and great potential which I think has yet to be really seen:

10. Book Lending

book lending

If you are looking to promote your book and get yourself a name then this might be a good place to start :

For a bit of information about how you can network on Facebook effectively read this post: three simple rules to help businesses and authors network effectively on facebook/

What’s Your Favourite Facebook Page?

There are many, many more pages on Facebook that could also be potentially helpful to authors and writers who are interested in getting their books and writing out to a wider audience. If you have any you particularly like yourself why not note them down as a comment and we’ll all get to go along and have a look.

You can find me on Facebook too at why not pop along and say hello and let me know about your books and pages πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Facebook Pages that Authors and Writers Should Be Following”

  1. What an enormously helpful reply to my flippant comment, Linda πŸ™‚ I am still working on the balance between time spent on writing and marketing, and you’ve made it all much more clear, so thank you.

  2. I think that if we are planning to make a business out of our writing then our online activities need to form part of the ‘marketing budget’ we set aside. Costing out our time helps enormously as you can then work out how much you are ‘spending’ (in time) on marketing activities. It is only when you measure this against the return you are getting on each action that you can decide where you should place your efforts to have the greatest effect. I’m a big believer in having both a business plan and a marketing plan and if you don’t have either and are considering time online as valuable then how can you measure the results or success thereof?

  3. Annie is absolutely right, but pray tell where one is supposed to find the time to not only read and absorb all this wonderful information but then actually act on it too!

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