What is Business Social Intelligence?

Business Social Intelligence is a phrase I’ve coined that mixes Social Intelligence with Social Networking for Business.  Daniel Goleman certainly didn’t intend that this mix be created when he first wrote his book Social Intelligence.  In that book it refers principally to one’s personal relationships in the real world and how one interacts with others socially.  He talks about their being seven different aspects to Social Intelligence and over the next few weeks I’ll be demonstrating and explaining how you can take your Social Intelligence online and into networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’ve also created a very light hearted quiz, that gives you an insight into how you perform on the business social intelligence ratings- this is not scientific and it is not endorsed by anyone so do take it as you find it and have fun!

The seven aspects are:

  • Empathy
  • Listening
  • Social Cognition
  • Synchrony
  • Self Presentation
  • Influence
  • Concern

Each of these are aspects of our own (and to some extent, our businesses) personality that we use everyday to a greater or lesser amount.  The amount of each that we use determines our ability to interact appropriately in social situations with other people; and believe it or not, businesses can exhibit the same attributes too …..!

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