I’ve been writing my whole life. Admittedly, it’s mostly been for business or work and rarely fiction. About 15 years ago I decided to venture into this unknown world and began working on my first novel. It took three years and a nagging Steve to get it finished. Ever since I’ve had an ‘on-off’ relationship with fiction and have carried on with ultra short stories or flash fiction. But I feel a new novel is around the corner – so watch this space!



Happy new year 2022

Darling Hilde Looking back, I knew that 2021 was going to be a corker of a year. It just felt ‘right’ somehow. And after all the trouble we’d had during 2020, it certainly needed to earn its keep.

The darker side of chocolate – Friday fiction

“Would you like some of my chocolate grandma?” I looked at Ben and smiled. The last time I’d had a bar of chocolate must have been before the war started, before the rationing came and there was no time, or…

The leap of faith – #FridayFiction

Jenny looked down and gulped. It was higher than she’d expected. The whole gang were below shouting at her to jump as she clung to the frame for support. ‘Jenny, just jump please sweetheart, just jump down and I’ll catch…

The Prayer #FridayFiction

Old bones creaking and aching from the kneeling. Hands warped with the weave and weft of life don’t quite meet as they once did. And looking back the prayers and wishes she had made over many years had not yet…

The Jigsaw #FridayFiction

May looked out the window for the sixth time in as many minutes. Sighing heavily she turned back to the table, scanned its contents and took a sip from the now cold coffee beside her.

Reaching for the stars – #FridayFiction

Tom woke as a sliver of moonlight sliced through the open bedroom door. He watched Nan slip through, pulling her dressing gown tightly around her. Closing his eyes he remained alert to the sounds she made as she made her…

One small step – #fridayfiction

Sandy looked at the flight of steps with trepidation! It looked long and it looked hard but she’d promised Jack she would make the effort. With a sigh she lifted her right leg and pulled herself up, her left gammy…

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