The Fabulous DJC Ball

Last night was my debut at the fabulous DJC Autumn Ball – theme was black and white and Motown.  What a brilliant evening and I danced, danced and danced and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The only problem was having to drive home at two in the morning, although to set your minds at rest, I was sober having had only one glass of bubbles when I first arrived at 7.30pm.

Guess what though, I forgot to take my camera so have no photo’s to speak of and am hoping that someone is going to send me some soon so I can include them here for your perusal.

This month is a big party month for me, last Friday I was at the Carrington Club’s Havana 2 cocktail party, last night the ball, next Wednesday the first anniversay dinner of the Dorset Women’s Enterprising Network at Moonfleet Manor.  Finally, I’m off to Marrakech with my friend Mary for a week on the 18th.

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