Work Avoidance

I’m in the process of trying to complete a new business plan, implement a new shopping cart system, update a whole load of auto-responders, sort out some client websites, complete a reference for a friend, organise last months accounts, write a couple of articles and complete the second chapter of a book.  All of this whilst working with clients as well …..!  And here I am updating a blog instead.  I’m a great procrastinator, I’ll put everything off until the deadline hits and then I’ll work through the night for several nights to finish it all and then I’ll think ‘oh, I’m bored now’.

I would love to be more organised and I’m great at doing it for and with clients – keeping them focussed in a way that is relevant to their needs and expectations, but boy do I need a coach or two myself.  Well, as they say ‘when you are ready to learn the lesson, the teacher will appear’.  So, I think I’m ready, all I need now is the teacher … is anyone up for the job?

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. So, if you want something about your life experience and journey to change we need to talk. With two decades experience as a transformational counsellor, coach, women's health advocate and change management consultant it's likely I've already helped someone just like you already.

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