Radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer – Amanda’s story

Hi well what a whirlwind it’s been. I’m 44, married and busy mum of 3. Had my first abnormal smear in July which resulted in a LLETZ procedure in early August. 4 weeks later when I thought things must be ok I was called to see the consultant and was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 4th September. CT, MRI and several appointments later I was booked in for radical hysterectomy, removal of both ovaries and lymph node dissection on 21st September.

Due to be keyhole but ended up abdominal and unfortunately had internal bleeding the next day resulting in blood transfusions and an 8 day stay in hospital. Came home and what a mix of emotions, struggled to come to terms with the early menopause – never realised it would come on that quick!

Coupled with the surgery and cancer diagnosis it has been a tough few weeks. Have had great support from friends and have found this site and daily emails invaluable. Knew I’d lost ‘my sparkle’ and was emotionally up n down so called Macmillan who were also really supportive and reassured me that everything I was experiencing was normal.

I’m now 6 weeks post op and still losing brown type fluid (possible granulation) but seeing consultant at 8 weeks to get this checked. Have also just started really leaking fluid which I have no idea what it is but know it’s not normal! Just waiting for an appointment to get this checked too. Just started on HRT so hoping I won’t be drenching the bed or ripping my jumper off for much longer!!

All in all it’s tough for us ladies going through all of this but I would just say listen to your bodies, don’t over do it, try and maintain a sense of humour and use this site as the ‘hysterectomy bible’ and if you need help speak out. I feel so much better knowing I’m not turning into ‘a mad women’ and all my thoughts, feelings, swellings & niggles are normal. Happy recovery everyone x


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