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Meeting Jim Webster, Author of War 2.2

This week I’d like to introduce Jim Webster, an English author based in one of my favourite part of the country, Cumbria. He is the author of War 2.2, a combination of war and intrigue set in an alternative universe.

The Review

This is the second of the Jim’s Tsarina Sector books and follows on from Justice 4.1. The titles of both books give away the fantasy nature by the use of computing speak, implying that the scenarios in both books are a re-imagining of the concepts of War and Justice in a future or different world. Although I’m not a huge fan of war or fantasy books, I do love good characters and complex political shenanigans. Where these work well they will always draw me in because I find out more about people and societies in the process – we can often draw similarities with the world we live in and the people we know.

Jim’s characters are well-rounded, not in any psychological sense but rather in that they are complete – you could imagine them standing next to you having a conversation with you – although you might feel that this wouldn’t be the safest thing to do with some of them! This is essential when it comes writing fantasy because the reader has to see something believable. Overall, it’s a good book and worth reading.

The Jim Webster Interview

jim websterWhat is one thing that no-one would usually know about you?

I’ve been chatting to midwives and we’ve ended up comparing techniques and swapping ideas

What did the best review you ever had say about you and your work?

It was actually just an email which started, “You just ruined a day’s work for me. I couldn’t put it down! Please press on with the series – I can’t wait!

Have you ever written naked?

I live in an old, working farmhouse, with no central heating, and we rely on an open fire in the living room to warm the office. You dress for work round here.

Do you have any hints or tips for aspiring writers?

Writing is like any other craft, the more you practice it, the better you get. To be a great writer, write a great deal.

How do you remain sane while working?

I’m beginning to think that sanity may be overrated. Pushing gently at the boundaries is probably to be expected of a good writer.

What is the best excuse you have ever come up with for missing a deadline?

There are no good excuses for missing deadlines. I suppose it’s the freelance journalist in me, but if you’re professional, you hit deadlines.

I once earned the equivalent of a month’s wages in three days. This happened because (before email) a photocopy of a document was couriered to me, I added 4,500 words someone else couldn’t be bothered to do on time, and then faxed my bit back to the series editor. I also phoned him next morning from a call box (mobile phones weren’t common then either) as we went on a touring holiday in the South West of England. Had he needed any changes to the document, the holiday would have taken a detour past his office in the South East where I’d have worked on it.

I was asked to do it because they knew I don’t miss deadlines.

What has been the best experience you have ever had in your life?

It’s probably holding my baby daughter for the first time

What was the most important thing you learned at school?

How to deal with people. My mother had ensured I could read before I went. But coming from an isolated rural background, dealing with people was interesting.

Have you had to learn new skills and tricks or attempted impossible feats in order to get a book finished?

I always feel it’s a pretty poor book if you don’t learn something while you’re writing it. Whether it’s the names of the parts of a sail, the proper way to make the links in chain mail, or the mean time between failure of the more delicate components of a Faster than light drive.20.

What is the book that you wished you had written?

I would love to have written Jack Vance’s Lyonnesse Trilogy. I think it is one of the finest fantasy stories every written, beautifully grounded in the real world. I just love it.



TS2 War 2-2You can find War 2.2 in Kindle format here:

You can catch up with the book series on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TsarinaSector, and with Jim on his website at: https://jandbvwebster.wordpress.com/about/



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  1. Thanks for the review Linda. I’d have dropped in earlier but life recently has revolved around sheep, lambs, fence posts and wire netting and I’ve been a shade busy.

    You’re the first reviewer to pick up on the 4.1 and 2.2 🙂 My idea was that with Justice, they’ve run through a lot of different models but are still struggling to get it right, whereas with war, they’re actually a bit basic and still on the early variants

    But yes Sheryl, I’m sure madness is an entry qualification!

  2. It definitely helps to be a little bit mad sometimes, Jim. Write lots, read lots, and learn as you go sounds about right to me. Great interview, Linda. Congrats on the excellent review, Jim. 🙂 xx