If I could ask God a question

I was challenged to come up with the ultimate question, the one I would ask God; and following the asking of the question, answering it! It feels like an impossible challenge, I know this because I wrote the title to this post on Wednesday and here I am on Sunday afternoon only just putting fingers to keyboard.

Since Wednesday I’ve been mulling over what my ultimate question would be and it dawned on me when I was watching a video from the Findhorn Foundation about Inner Climate Change, that perhaps the one I should ask, even though it’s one that creates a real sense of discomfort is ‘what could I do to make a difference in the world?’

The reason I feel such heightened discomfort with this question is that it implies responsibility, because if I ask it and then answer it by tuning in to what my intuitive self, the bit that’s connected to the divine, tells me I will be forced into making a choice. Either I can pay attention to the answer and assume responsibility, or I can ignore it and hope that even though I’ve opened Pandora’s box somehow my inner knowing will dissipate and let me off the hook.

There really is nothing else to do but jump in with both feet, so here goes:

Dear God, you are the whole, the everything> You see all that has been, all that is and all that will be. And you see me, a tiny spark of you living a divinely connected life, even though I’ve forgotten that’s who I am. So I’m asking you, in a spirit of openess to the answer, whatever that may turn out to be, what can I do to make a difference in this reality, this world I am living my human life in?

Thank you

Dear Linda, you are the purest part of me as all living things are. Everything you do is divinely guided and you can do nothing without my knowing it. The choice you refer to is one that asks ‘will I follow this path and celebrate and support life in all it’s manifestations’ or ‘will I follow another path’ which sees only the physical, assumes you live in lack and that you do not have all you need already within and around you.

You must do as you choose because that is ultimate responsibility. In your heart, you know every single time you take any action, speak any word or think any thought what that means to you and your role in this life. To make a difference you must pay attention to your inner wisdom rather than overiding it by intellectual knowledge. You already know the ‘right’ path, your challenge is to determine whether you will follow it regardless of the consequences.

I am with you always, you are a part of the divine whole so I cannot be separated from you, no matter how many times you think this is the case. Every living creature is a part of the divine whole; every human being, every plant and every animal – the least of them is as important to me as you are right now. Each plays their part in the dance of life, each contributes something to the whole. The beetle eats the dung you and other animals produce, the trees filter the air so you and the animals breathe, and you nurture the spirit so that beetle and the tree will be seen by all other generations who come after you.

To make a difference, honour your divine nature and do not deny you are a part of the whole of life.

Your co-creator

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