Solstice Weather & Cloud Seeding

Well, it’s been a funny old time recently what with one thing or another but I have to say I heard a particularly good conspiracy theory today that I thought I’d share with you.

Ever heard of cloud seeding?  This is weather modification at it’s most basic (and unpredictable I have to say).  It uses silver iodide crystals or dry ice (either shot from ground level or dropped in cannisters from aircraft) to create precipitation (rain to us most basic of people) or to deflect things like adverse or dangerous weather fronts – it’s reasonably common practice in the US and LA are thinking about doing it to help relieve the drought situation.  There a huge range of opinions about the ethics and validity of such tampering with the natural elements, but hey! we do it with everything else so why not this as well!

Anyway …… I digress just a little.  Have you ever noticed that it rains for the Glastonbury Festival every year?

The current topic doing the rounds is that the weather this solstice has been tampered with.  And why might that be? Unfortunately, on this one I have no opinion (for a change some might say) and can offer no suggestions!

Interesting links:

Happy solstice to you all and let’s hope the next half of the year is a little more on the positive side!

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