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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

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  1. I agree with you for the most part Irene. Self-publishing is not a silver bullet for anyone and rather like the no-dig method on our brand new allotment, it doens’t mean no-work. But, I do believe that if writers recognised that once the writing is done (be it book, blog post, or update) then the hardest part is about to begin. The difference for those where self-publishing is successful, vs not successful is how much planning and subsequent action-taking was done.

    I am no different from anyone else. I started self-publishing both through my website and books out of necessity. I was told by a well-meaning publisher that women weren’t interested in books or information about hysterectomy. My journey since the mid-1990’s has shown me that a plan and the consequent actions is what’s important. It’s only by doing both are you able to move from no-one in an audience, to a large potential audience.

    As you know, I’ve been playing around with podcasts and it would be great to move this conversation into that forum if you’d be interested? Just let me know if you are and we can set up a conversation.

  2. As you imply with “We Judge Everything by its Cover”, appearance is all important. Research has shown that even parents favour their ‘best-looking’ offspring and it is well known that attractive individuals are given many more opportunities in life than others. Clearly, books need shelf appeal. A writer wants their book to catch the eye and entice a potential reader/buyer to pick it up, read the blurb and buy it. I have seen some appalling book covers on self published books, ones that are completely off-putting. Needless to say, getting the cover right is vital. Having said that, I think your undoubted success with self-publishing is commensurate with the time and effort you have made to build your readership and get your publications seen. You have a broad online presence, the value of which cannot be underestimated and well-done you for what you have built. I am not saying your circumstances are unique (I don’t know what they are), but when I envisage aspiring writers, I imagine (mainly) middle aged women (unattractive in a marketing sense) with family responsibilities and full time jobs, dreaming about getting their work published – those without the financial resources or time needed to build a means to reach a wide readership. For them, I predict that self-publishing will disappoint.