How Authors and Writers can use LinkedIn Effectively – Applying LinkedIn Applications

UPDATE: This post has now been superceded by a post about the use of Rich Media in profiles. LinkedIn removed all applications from it’s platform in December 2012.

This is the second of my mini series that aims to give writers and authors a better understanding of how they can use LinkedIn more effectively to promote themselves and their work. Last week we looked at how to create a killer profile that contains everything you need to stand out. This week I was to focus on two other areas: Apps for your profile and one of the two real powerhouses of the LinkedIn platform, Groups.

Of course, this article will give some great to tips to everyone who wants to use LinkedIn effectively, but it is specifically directed towards authors and writers.

Which External LinkedIn Applications Should You Use and Why

LinkedIn Applications provide users with more ways to both network and promote themselves around the platform. They come in two flavours; those that live on your profile and those that connect you to other people.

You can find a complete selection of LinkedIn Applications here: and those that an author or writer will be particularly interested in include:

  • Blog Link or WordPress App allows you to automatically import your blog posts to your profile using the RSS feed your blog generates.  Every time a blog post is imported it creates a new status update with a ready-made link back to the post you’ve just shared.
  • Reading List by Amazon gives you the chance to showcase your preferred reading material to your wider network and following what your connections are reading too.
  • Creative Portfolio Display imports your copywriting and writing projects into your profile and allowing feedback on those projects from the wider design community that inhabits the Behance network.

Adding each of these applications is as simple as clicking on the Add to Profile button you will find on the page showcasing the app itself and then completing the required details.

You can also find these applications by clicking on the Add Sections button you can find directly beneath your profile overview box at the top of your Edit Profile page once you have logged in.

If you would like to get started on LinkedIn then you can do so by going there:

I’ll continue the LinkedIn for Authors and Writers journey next week and in the meantime why not leave me your LinkedIn Profile URL and let’s all get connected up 🙂

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