How to Add Extra Information About Your Book to Your Amazon Listings

Let’s face it, the Amazon Listing for a particular book is a bit thin really. It comprises mostly the product description and a few tags too but we all know how important rich data is as well and it’s worth knowing that Shelfari, another of the social networks for readers, allows you to add extra information to your book data. Because it’s owned by Amazon, that data shows up on the Kindle versions of your books.

You can find Shelfari at and it works in a very similar way to Goodreads in that you add books you have read, can join groups and become friends with other members. Now, I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of my time networking online already and the last thing I want to do is get involved in another community I need to keep up with; unfortunately, that’s not a good enough reason not to use Shelfari 🙁

It allows you to add the following data to your book listings:

  • A Description
  • A Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis
  • A Summary
  • The Characters/People Mentioned In the Book and How They Relate
  • The Cover Images
  • Some Quotations from the Book
  • The Setting & Locations
  • Any Organizations mentioned in the book
  • The First Sentence
  • A Table of Contents
  • A Glossary of Words and Phrases Used  that need explanation
  • Any Themes & Symbolism used in the book
  • Details of the Series that the book belongs to
  • Details of the Authors & Contributors
  • Details of the First Edition
  • Any Awards The Author Has Received For the Book
  • The Classification of the book either, Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal
  • Any Notes for Parents And the Reading Level Required
  • Subjects Category
  • Popular Tags
  • Links to Supplemental Material – such as your website, blog or downloads
  • More Books Like This
  • Books with Additional Background Information

You probably won’t need to add information to everything listed, for instance some of the data is necessary only for non-fiction books, other data relates only to fiction for children. But it is worth taking some time to fill in the details.

It is also worth bearing in mind that anyone who adds the book to their shelf can also edit and add to the listing information which can give you an interesting insight into your readers and their thoughts.  For instance, one of my readers updated the characters section of my novel Woman on the Edge of Reality with the character Earl Grey which incidentally is the tea that my main character, Rosemary likes ….! It makes me wonder if it was read or just skimmed … !

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  1. Snippets work well I think – I’ve yet to go back and finish all the books but those I have done seem have worked well in promoting them further up in Amazon 🙂

  2. Thank you! I have added some snippets to Shelfari in the past, but I think it’s time to go and tweak and twiddle and twirl (you get the gist.) As you can see from all my comments today, I am trying to catch up with my online author pals!!!

  3. Oh dear, my aim wasn’t to give anyone yet another task to do – in fact, if I’m honest I don’t actually network on shelfari, I just use it to add the extra meta data … naughty I know, but like you I really don’t have the time 🙂

  4. Thanks Ruby and I do hope I didn’t put you off – the time thing is an issue, you only have to look at how long I’ve been on ‘holiday’ from the social web for the last couple of weeks 🙂

  5. Sorry Linda, I’m repeating myself here 🙂 I had trouble posting comments earlier and thought my initial one hadn’t registered.

  6. Linda, you’re a mine of information 🙂 Glad I found you on my internet travels! Off to look at Shelfari now (as if I’ve really got time!)

  7. Oh my, I’d never in a million years have thought someone would have the same name as one of my favourite teas – perhaps that accounts for why some of my reviewers have been less than complimentary 🙂

  8. This is great! I’m on Shelfari but had little response so I’ll go back and spruce up my page! I did find it quite difficult to work but maybe I just need practice.
    I’m off to look at your novel now. (By the way, I actually taught a boy called Earl Grey!)