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In conversation with Claire Montanaro

This week I’m in conversation with renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and channel Claire Montanaro. Claire and I first met when I was her social media strategy coach. She later joined me on the Thursday Throng in 2014 with her book Spiritual Wisdom.

Claire’s writing is focused on providing a conduit to greater understanding and wisdom for everyone on a spiritual journey. Since the original interview she has also written a new book titled A Handbook for the New Consciousness which, despite being offered a publication deal, remains unpublished as she feels it isn’t yet the right time. Instead, Claire blogs every couple of weeks finding that, unlike books which take a long time to gestate and emerge, this medium allows her to provide an immediate response to worldly events. You can catch Claire’s blog on her website.

Like me, one of Claire’s primary aims is to encourage people to think for themselves and we discussed whether this was a growing movement or whether we are seeing more clone mentality with the acceptance by people who are being told what to think. Claire very wisely feels that what we are experiencing perhaps because it’s simply more visible now, are two polarised groups. However, she was quick to point out that there is a third group (sadly smaller than the others) of people who are indeed looking at themselves, their circumstances and the unfolding events with a more compassionate and open attitude as they seek to make a rational decision about what they think and will do.

Commenting on the amount of anger we’re seeing in society, especially about the coronavirus situation means that it’s very hard to view what’s happening around us objectively making it harder to form a balanced view. She feels this very keenly as much of her work is to help people be more discerning about the circumstances of their life, rather than being caught up in the emotion of the immediate moment. I had to admit to feeling more confused about people’s ability to be discerning because they are so caught up in ‘truth’ without realising that much of what we see around us are layers of illusion because we are only ever looking at things through our personal perceptions.

We also talked about how little we actually know about things like our own planet and the human body. For example, our knowledge about how the body works is still in its infancy, yet it’s easy to assume that modern medicine knows everything. My own experience of working with women’s health for over 25 years is that we know very little, that new discoveries are made every single day and that all we really know is a little of the mechanics without understanding how it’s all interconnected. As our conversation continued we agreed that as a society we have still to learn that this is true in the way humanity stills sees the world forgetting or perhaps not knowing that in fact we, the world and the universe are all connected at very fundamental levels and that when we play with one we affect the others – often in ways we could never have imagined.

Despite all this though Claire is positive about the future and sees a groundswell of people who recognise that this is a pivotal moment in human history. And by reclaiming a sense of ethical and moral right we can grow as a species. She makes a coherant argument for her belief that we are witnessing the end of the current 25,000 year cycle and the birth of a new civilisation based on a more holistic balance and respect between humanity and the planet.

If you would like to speak to Claire, read her blog posts or buy her book you can do so from her website Illumino Global.

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