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In conversation with Emma K Lea

How does a dyslexic become a writer? Having inspirational teachers at school helps, as does parents who won’t allow it to become an excuse. Emma K Lea talks about her journey from ghostwriter to self-publisher, her work as a tutor for others who are also dyslexic and selling children’s books on Etsy. She reflects on the impact COVID-19 has had on her tutoring business and her love of hens.

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Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Emma describes herself as a dyslexic who happens to write
  2. Words are critical to the writer’s life so being dyslexic creates and additional dimension to the challenge
  3. Inspirational teachers make all the difference
  4. Pigeon holes are for pigeons, not people
  5. Ghost writing is a great way to start your writing career but it doesn mean your name is never on the cover (that can be a good thing too!)
  6. More damaging than the labels other people give us are those we give ourselves
  7. People who feel heard and listened too are less likely to commit voilence towards others
  8. Emma rehomes chickens from the egg production  industry
  9. Childrens fiction market is massive and the most competitive and has one of the shortest shelf lives
  10. Lastest fashions in children’s literature focuses on mindfulness, happiness and expressing emotions.
  11. Emma’s latest book is Walking with Narcissists

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