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In conversation with Gill Donnell

I have real pleasure in introducing someone I’ve long admired and who has long been committed to empowering women in the workplace, much as I do with their health and well-being. Gill Donnell is the founder of the Successful Women In Business Network (otherwise known as the SWIB Tribe), and I’m fortunate enough to be a member in the Weymouth group.

We covered many topics during our conversation ranging from overcoming imposter syndrome, which seems to affect women more than men; right through to the unequal impact that coronavirus is having on women especially those who run their own business.

These women now find themselves running their business alongside taking up the bulk of home-schooling and entertainment while schools have been closed. The effect this is having for some is that they are no longer coping and have given up completely or temporarily shelved their business. What our conversation shows is that women’s equality still has a long way to travel.

Gill first joined me back in 2013 with her book Celebr8 Success and 8 step guide to juggling home with achieving your own personal potential. And, if you’d like to catch up with Gill now, you can find her (and sometimes me if you come along to the Weymouth group) at

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