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In conversation with Marc Nash

This week, I’m in conversation with science fiction novelist Marc Nash. Marc has ten Kindle books published and three in paperback. He previously joined me in 2013 with his novel Time after Time.

Marc is a fan of words especially as they are the only thing a writer has in his creative palette. We also talk about what happens when books are made into films, especially when that forces fiction into ever increasing numbers of genres. One of the issues we both agreed on was the problem with sub-genres in that they exacerbate the impact of the algorythms that deliver only what people appear to be interested in, instead of challenging their assumptions by offering up an alternative perspective. As he pointed out in his previous Thursday Throng, Jane Austin didn’t write ‘chicklit’, she wrote ‘fiction’!

And, of course the conversation then went to discuss how this effect is equally seen in the wider online world, where people’s perspectives are being reinforced by the social media algorythm’s that helps create the social media bubbles that people can find themselves in. This of course means that when we see opinions that are are different to ours we experience discomfort, but without them we are likely to see reality only through the lens of a very personal and local perspective.

The majority of Marc’s novels were self published however three have been formally published, one of which was nominated for The Guardian’s ‘Not the Booker‘ Prize. This had the effect of putting his writing onto a much larger stage and front of a very different audience. He believes self publishing is a great way for a newbie to get started, but for himself he is now looking for an agent and publisher for the two books he has recently completed as he doesn’t want to go back to self publishing.

Although Marc has a blog, he is easier to catch up with on his booktube channel or if you’d like to have a conversation, catch him on Twitter.

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  1. Thank you so much for talking to me Linda, nothing I look forward to more than chatting all things books. As I mentioned I’m more than happy to talk to writers at any level of experience about process, or trying to get your books out there, or even just to chat about other writer’s books. You can hit me up on Twitter or if you’re interested in book reviews my Booktube channel is Many thanks again Linda. Bests. Marc