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In conversation with Wafa Tarnowska

Wafa’ Tarnowska was born in Lebanon and has lived and worked in Australia, India, Cyprus, Poland, the UK and Dubai. She is currently based in the UK dreaming of a hideaway in the land of Dante. In her work, Wafa’ strives to create a valuable bridge between East and West, helping to break down the stereotypical images people have of one another. In our conversation we talk about the shift towards the sacred feminine, corporate social responsibility, what we need versus what we want, and exploring our essential humanity.

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Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Wafa describes herself as a world bedouin whose mission is to build bridges between East and West
  2. Women are successful in power as their basic wisdom is to look for and find common ground
  3. Corporate social responsibilty is a way of making business accountable for everthing, including profit. It forces them to consider bigger, broader impacts such as the environment, people and employees
  4. Wafa has become the queen of the charity shop, exchange economics and the grey economy as she navigates a different way of being in relation to her income
  5. Need isn’t based in things. Instead it’s driven by emotional need, connection and giving service to the world
  6. What does your soul need? Rather than what society deems you need?
  7. People view the middle east with suspicion and distrust. Wafa’s mission is to help us bridge the gap and see the commonality rather than the difference
  8. We cannot point a finger at any one country as each one has it’s achilles heel
  9. Childrens fiction market is massive and the most competitive and has one of the shortest shelf lives
  10. Now is the time of the rise of the divine feminine
  11. Wafa’s latest book is Amazing Women of the Middle East

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