Some Facts and Fiction about this Blog

Woman on the Edge of Reality – the blog, not the novel – started off as a mixed bag of liquorice allsorts, you know the sort of thing I mean. Lot’s of different colours, shapes and some things you love and others you hate; BTW my particular favourite Liquorice Allsort is the round one with the bobbles on it that comes in either pink or blue, the one I hate is the coconut round one – yuck!

Anyway, this particular blog was a bit like that, it was a real mixed bag of posts, subjects and opinions about everything from whether the number seven is a mystical number, favourite poems, round robin emails that caught my attention, tributes to friends and family right through to things like my adventures on holiday in Orihuela. To say it lacked direction might be putting a little mildly.

It was sooooo lacking in direction and purpose that I could go for months without ever adding posts or updating it and it languished in the nether regions of the t’internet – that place where the dross gathers and the dust balls form.  Every so often I would make an effort after my guilt got the better of me and I would find myself scrabbling around for something, anything (please God anything) to say about some random thing that happened to catch my attention.

I was ashamed of it and of myself mainly because ‘I should have known better’. Here I am setting myself up to tell other people how to use the web effectively and in particular telling them that they should be blogging and I wasn’t doing it (at least I wasn’t doing it here … I was doing it elsewhere but that’s a story for another time). It was becoming a case of ‘do as I say’ not ‘do as I do’.

Then some enlightenment started to creep into the situation and I got an idea that maybe I could use this particular bit of online real estate to do something for other authors. I’ve written for years, always telling myself that one day I’ll be a proper author and writer, forgetting in the process that I had already written five books and a short story – odd thing memory isn’t it?

Anyway, first off I moved all the directly businessy type posts off the blog and on to my business website where they belonged – there are still one or two lurking around and that’s because they sparked some comments so I don’t want to lose them.

Then I had the Eureka! moment (a bit like Yahoo! but without the Y, the a, the h and the double oo) I shall write about marketing books, I have a little experience at it and I do happen to have a couple of best sellers around so perhaps I might be able to share some comments on the process with my lovely readers.

For the sake of clarification though, this is going to be specifically designed for the self published among us, those who are serious about getting their book in front of the fee paying public and not those who simply wanted to hold a copy of their thoughts in their hot little hands.

So that in a very small nutshell is what this blog is about (or going to be about anyway) ….. the adventures to be had when marketing books.

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