Finding a shiny new pebble in the great ocean of life



nowhere islandLast weekend I was in Weymouth with friends for the beginning of the Olympics. Now, I don’t know about you but to be honest I’m not much of a ‘sports fan’, in fact I’ll go out of my way to avoid it if at all possible; but somehow even I have caught the Olympic fever which is sweeping Great Britain at the moment, at least I’ve caught enough of it not to get too bored when the swimming comes on television.

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I am an author: insight, awareness and admitting the reality

I can now understand the truth of the statement ‘when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come‘, as this is the experience I have having over the last few weeks and the pace is quickening! It has also been the case that those ‘teachers’ have not necessarily been what I would either have expected or wanted had I asked for them; but from each one I have learnt an important lesson.

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Hysteria, it’s not funny on HRT or How do you change a life?

At the beginning of 2011 I started my journal for the year with a question to myself which I’ve asked many times over the years previously but this time thought that it warranted a little more effort and thought to answer than I had previously applied.

The question was ‘how do you change a life?’ As the year progressed and I worked my way through 2011 and my journal I discovered three insights that have helped me to understand the question and it’s possible answer a little more. Before I share the answer with you though I thought I’d share a little story.

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A letter to myself

Dearest Linda

I’ve been meaning to send this letter for some time and as usual haven’t managed to fit into the busy schedule we both seem to have.  It’s meant to be one of those letters that is full of truth and meaning, but which in reality is full of trite stuff and nonsense that you will probably ignore, as you continue to work your own merry way through life.

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The art of illusion

I had an interesting conversation this morning with one of my closest friends all about illusion.  Not the sort that is usually done by magicians or illusionists, but about the sort we create for ourselves.  You know, the ones we often called ‘rose tinted glasses’!

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Pavlovian influences

I was sitting, enjoying my first cup of tea this morning when my mobile ‘phone let me know I’d had a message.  Immediately, an image of a person popped into my head and I was suddenly aware that I always associate that particular notification with this particular person.  And it got me thinking …. as many things do, about how this was just as good an example of learned behaviour, as the experiments that Pavlov did with his dogs.

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Dark night of the soul

Once again it has been many weeks since I’ve posted a blog, and once again I’m trying to excuse myself by saying I’m too busy.  But the reality is that I’m not as organised as I should be and find that I procrastinate a lot.  Anyway, this particular post has been sitting around waiting to be added for some time now and I finally decided I should add it.

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Totally unique thoughts

I was reminded of this reality when visiting a website I had been recommended called TUT – it’s also something I regularly come across when I’m working with clients on making the Internet a more effective sales channel.  According to research by Alta Vista, around 80% of web searches are totally unique which just goes … Read more