In conversation with Jenny Jaeckel

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Jenny Jaeckel is the author of House of Rougeaux, her debut novel, winner of an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Hisorical Fiction and was named one of Bitch Media’s 25 Must Read Books of 2018; and the forthcoming companion book Boy, Falling, to be published by Black Rose Writing in July 2021. In our time together we talked about how the art of being more real is one of Jenny’s core themes in her work and life.

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The Thursday Throng

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‘Throng’ n. – A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.

Between 2012 and 2020 I interviewed a few hundred authors. In 2020 I changed it to a podcast which took a break for a few months and will be restarting in April. Below are the links the written interviews in date order. I have some more to add and links to update, so keep an eye on the page to see which ones pop up next!

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In conversation with Lex McKee

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Lex McKee and I first met at various networking meetings taking place across Dorset back in early part of the 21st century and even though I dropped out of business networking for several years his posts on LinkedIn have always intrigued, fascinated and amused me, as he’s a very funny guy – as well as being thought-provoking and challenging. We explored the metaphor of farming as sowing the seeds of self-belief, confidence, knowledge and learning. And also the co-creation of communication through our uses of language and words frame our entire existence.

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In conversation with Caroline Brewer

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This week, I’m in conversation with my close friend and first-time author Caroline Brewer. We first met back in 2009 when we both attended business network and later Toastmasters International meeting. Caroline’s book is called More Than You Think and it came out, first in Kindle format and later in paperback during lockdown and I was incredibly honoured when she asked me to write the foreword.

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In conversation with Ken Banks

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This week, I’m in conversation with award winning social entrepreneur who founded, an NGO focused on applying mobile technology for social and environmental change in the developing world, especially in Africa. Ken is currently Head of Social Purpose at Yoti, the app that helps everyone authenticate themselves, staff, suppliers or volunteers in a secure, private and scalable way.

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