Meet Diane Epps, author of Just Because I’m Not Effin’ Famous, Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Effin’ Funny


Hi and this week, I’d like to introduce Diane Epps, a comedian who has written her fifth book, Just Because I’m Not Effin’ Famous, Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Effin’ Funny. She says, “this effin’ book came about as a result of extreme frustration – accompanied by liberal usage of the eff word – when I heard for the umpteenth time I needed to be famous to attract a well-known book publisher!”

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Meeting Melissa Burch, author of My Journey Through War and Peace

my journey through war and peace melissa burch

Melissa Burch was a filmmaker, producer and former war journalist for the BBC, CBS, and other networks. Her team was one of the first documentary crews in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and a story about her in Afghanistan was featured in The New York Times. She was in her twenties when she traveled with the mujahedeen, filmed an attack on a Soviet convoy, slept with an Afghan commander, and climbed 14,000 foot mountains in the Hindu Kush.

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Meeting Greg Archer, author of Grace Revealed

greg archer interview

This week I’d like to welcome author, editor, journalist and cultural moderator Greg Archer to the Thursday Throng author interview. His work has appeared in the The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Examiner, Oprah Magazine, The Advocate, Palm Springs Life,  VIA Magazine, Bust, Jetset Extra, The Sydney Morning Herald and other media and TV outlets.

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Welcoming Josh Rivedal, author of The Gospel According to Josh

Josh Rivedal is the author of The Gospel According to Josh: A 28 Gentile Bar Mitzvah. He always wanted to be a movie star and dreamed of fame and fortune on the Broadway stage. Instead he faced a huge number of setbacks but has finally reinvented himself as a speaker, author, playwright, theatre producer, educator, marketing consultant, and arts entrepreneur.

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Grab a free signed copy of ‘Getting Rooted In New Zealand’ by Jamie Baywood

This week we have for our delectation an interview with Jamie Baywood who describes herself as an ‘accidental author’. I’m sure that many of us can relate to that description well, in fact how many of us probably just ‘dropped into writing’ as a side effect of doing something else? Jamie is also giving away a free signed copy of her book, ‘Getting Rooted in New Zealand‘ to one lucky commenter. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow the instructions at the end of this post 🙂

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Thursday Throng Interview & Book Giveaway with Apple Gidley, author of Expat Life, Slice by Slice

Today we have a wonderful giveaway of TWO HARDCOVER books from Apple Gidley. Apple is the author of Expat Life Slice by Slice, a wonderful memoir of life in the expat fast lane. She is an Anglo-Australian known to thousands as ExpatApple thanks to her popular blog at the Daily Telegraph who truly believes that to be a true global nomad we have to be actively engaged in wherever we call home. Currently, Apple is based in Houston, Texas where she joins us for this weeks Thursday Throng author interview. To be in with a chance of winning one of the TWO HARDCOVER COPIES Apple is giving away, just leave a comment at the end of the post.

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Win a SIGNED COPY of The Chakra Diaries by Becca Chopra in this weeks Thursday Throng Author Interview

In this week’s Thursday Throng interview I have Becca Chopra, a yoga and meditation instructor and wannabe “mermaid” on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the chair. Chakra Secrets, is a fabulous autobiographical book in which Becca shares her sizzling personal story and the yoga and chakra balancing tools that have helped her on her personal path; and she is generously giving away a FREE SIGNED copy to one lucky commenter on the interview.

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