Tales of t’Internet – Asking Lord Google a Question

Once upon a time there was a woman called Linda who had lived all her life in the land of t’Internet. She lived in a tiny little cottage at the edge of the biggest town nearest to Lord Google’s castle; sometimes at night she could hear the whirr and click of the great data base machines that were secreted in the dungeons beneath the castle grounds.

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Friday Fictioneers Tales of t’Internet – Len Scleaner the Ocularist

This week I’ve decided to try to combine two of the things I like to try out in one Friday Fictioneers challenge. I’m attempting to add another story to my Tales of t’Internet series, which is my slightly sideways look at the subject of search engine optimisation through the medium of the fairy tale. I know, it’s odd but do bear with me.

Firstly, a big thank you to Rochelle Wiseoff for managing the group and secondly I thank you to Ted Strutz for the photo

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Tales of t’Internet – the story of Stitch the Tailor

Stitch the Tailor had lived in the land of t’Internet for almost all of his life. He was the finest tailor that t’Internet had ever known and his customers included Lord’s, Lady’s and Prince’s. Everyone who bought a garment from Stitch the Tailor knew that they had the best that money could buy and returned several times each year to purchase even finer garments. In fact, his clothes were so sought after that he had a queue of people waiting for an appointment with him.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Wafa Tarnowska, Award Winning author of Arabian Nights

This weeks guest on the Thursday Throng is an author who is a Smithsonian Notable Books for Children Award winner from 2010. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you all to Wafa Tarnowska whose beautifully illustrated book, Arabian Nights, I was privileged to be given a signed copy of – thank you Wafa.

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Tales of t’Internet – Lord Google Issues A Decree

The continuation of the Tales of the Kindgom of t’Internet, a slightly irreverent look at search engine optimisation.

As the Lord’s of the kingdom of t’Internet surveyed the wreckage that the land was become they were dismayed, and they decided to hold a gathering of the mighty and the noble to determine how to navigate the problem. Their desire was to once more turn the fortunes of the people who lived within the Kingdom towards a lighter future by increasing the gold they earned when visitors came upon their homes and businesses.

In the course of their discussion they realised that the problems had begun when they had allowed all manner of people to inhabit the land without understanding if they were beneficial to the land or if they simply sought to rape and pillage.

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Up until very recently I’ve only ever written factual, ‘how to’ and non-fiction works; then I discovered a completely different voice and found ‘FICTION‘. In fact I’ve now completed my first novel as well.

I also thought that I’d only ever write fiction if it were full length works; when I was introduced to something called Flash Fiction by the amazing Madison Woods I was hooked on the short, short story format and now take part in Friday Fictioneers as often as I can. Nowadays, Friday Fictioneers is curated by the lovely Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields.

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Tales of t’Internet – the feast and the famine

The continuation of the Tales of the Kindgom of t’Internet a slightly irreverent look at search engine optimisation.

When the Kingdom of t’Internet became first occupied the land was lush and green; food and wine flowed for all the inhabitants and everything was good. There was much cheer amongst the people and they regularly enjoyed glorious gatherings with all manner of feasting and entertainments.

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Through the Kingdom of t’Internet and the history of the house of ‘Search’

Once upon a time there was a distant land which contained within it a vast and glorious kingdom called t’Internet. Now the kingdom of  t’Internet had many residents who had all worked hard to attain their home in this place that was abundant and fertile to all, many more wanted to gain their status but had yet to be granted entry. Now, the kingdom of t’Internet was ruled over by a just a wise king who was called King Alta Vista and his reign was considered the enlightened for he had vast and powerful machines which helped to ensure the crops fed all the residents as well as their visitors. 

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