The Prayer #FridayFiction

the prayer

Old bones creaking and aching from the kneeling. Hands warped with the weave and weft of life don’t quite meet as they once did. And looking back the prayers and wishes she had made over many years had not yet come to pass. But still she turns up, every day, as the bell tolled and the doors opened. Making her way carefully to the back pew she slides along to the usual spot and kneels in supplication.

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One small step – #fridayfiction

one-small-step image

Sandy looked at the flight of steps with trepidation! It looked long and it looked hard but she’d promised Jack she would make the effort. With a sigh she lifted her right leg and pulled herself up, her left gammy leg landing beside it. What was it Neil Armstrong said when he walked on the moon? One small step..!

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