The what and the who of Linda

me, Linda in France

A psychic once told me that it was almost as if I had appeared fully formed on earth at the age of 10 – rather like Mr Bean – with no history or family to speak of. With a statement like that I might have felt it incumbent upon me to explain why the age of 10 was so significant in my life, and whilst it surely would have been interesting to you; personally, I’m much more interested in the present.  As Leslie Poles Hartley once said “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there“.

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Life the universe and medicine – part 3

London Mitrhaeum

By the 7th July I had completed a first week at Silversands, and it was quite surreal as it was full of welcoming, helpful, supportive and interested people – so unlike my experience of much of Dorset Council, which was often divisive and fractious. Of course, it helped that on Tuesday we got a contract I’d been involved with before joining so I now have a 100% success rate on day two …!

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On being interviewed …. the boot is on the other foot for a change!

My last Thursday Throng Interview with the inestimable Rich Voza, elicited an unusual comment from Bittercharm who suggested that it might be nice, for a change, to interview me instead. Cue, one embarrassed Linda. Although you will often see me out and about on the web, and you may often spot my observations and opinions taking over, I’m really quite private and try not to put too much out about myself directly. So it is with much trepidation that I accepted the challenge. I warn you to proceed with caution.

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Do You Believe in Yourself Enough to Claim the Right to Write?

A fellow blogger, and regular commenter on this site, left a couple of comments recently that got me thinking about how we, as authors and writers, claim the Right to Write. What they shared was that they felt daunted by the thought of being worthy enough for payment; my interpretation of this is they believe they aren’t good enough.

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