An interview with James Murdo, author of Siouca Remembers

siouca remembers book cover

This week’s Thursday Throng author interview is with James Murdo, author of Siouca Remembers. James was born and still lives in London. He graduated from university with a Masters degree in Physics, which added fuel to his early love of science fiction. Siouca is a member of the advanced Wanderer civilisation; they are coming, but what do they want?

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Meet Steve Bellinger, author of The Chronocar

This week, I’d like to introduce Steve Bellinger, who discovered Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and the other masters of classic science fiction. After being hooked by their stories, he began writing everything from newspaper articles, comic strips and radio drama to short stories and fan fiction. The Chronocar is his latest novel.

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Meet Elizabeth Guizzetti, author of The Light Side of the Moon

light side of the moon elizabeth guzzetti

Elizabeth is not a cyborg, she is human – so begins her biography and it introduces us to someone who lives and breathes science fiction and fantasy.  She is the author and illustrator of independent comics and graphic novel series Faminelands and Lure and a comic book series Out for Souls & Cookies! Her first book and the first in this series is called Other Systems published in 2012. The second book in the series is The Light Side of the Moon. She believes the best advice for all aspiring authors and artists is “Believe you have a story worth telling and get to work!”

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Meeting Sean C Sousa, the Author of The Forever Saga: Flash

This week I’d love for you all to welcome Sean C Sousa to the Thursday Throng chair. He is the author The Forever Saga: Flash which was first envisioned as a video game, then a screenplay and finally found it’s voice as a novel. His aim is to change the world, one book at a time, by creating an environment that promotes positive social change.

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Meeting Janet Gogerty, author of Three Ages of Man

This week I’d like to welcome Janet Gogerty to the Thursday Throng. Janet hails from somewhere very local to me, Southbourne-on-Sea in Dorset and was one of the contributors to ‘Dorset Voices’, a compilation of stories from local authors in our area. She’s produced three novels and her work is contained in two anthologies. Her book, Three Ages of Man, is the second in a trilogy that considers what happens when the world around isn’t quite what it seems on the surface.

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