The Flower Box by Jane O’Connor, short story category winner 2020

flower box

Kay sat on the step of her pottery studio cradling a cup of tea when she felt a nudge on her arm as Pansy, her Nan’s Yorkshire Terrier, rushed past her and began doing joyful circuits of the lawn. Kay had been apprehensive about taking Pansy in, but things had happened so quickly after Nan’s fall that she had felt it was the only option, and her Nan had been so grateful.

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A ‘Ta-Da’ Moment by Sandra Crook, winner of the Hysteria 2016 Short Story category

hysteria 5 cover

“You were never really on board with the plan, were you?”

Ruth is nothing if not direct.  My daughter-in-law and I haven’t enjoyed a close relationship, but there’s always been a healthy respect between us, and we cut each other a lot of slack.  She is, as usual, correct in her assumption.

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Meeting Tracy Fells, Winner of Hysteria 2013

hysteria 2 cover

This week it’s my great pleasure to welcome Tracy Fells to the Thursday Throng hot seat. Tracy was the winner of this years Hysteria 2013 writing competition with a story called Fibonacci’s Tree. She was also a runner up in last years Hysteria 2012 competition and has had success in several significant short story competitions over the years.

You can read her winning entry here: hysteria-writing-competition/fibonaccis-tree-winner-hysteria-2013/

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Fibonacci’s Tree – Winner of Hysteria 2013

fibonacci golden ratio image

Fibonacci’s Tree by Tracy Fells

‘Here I am!’ I jab a finger, one of the few that still works, at the notebook page. ‘Right at the bottom of the tree.’

Tanya is adding too much milk to my tea. She doesn’t think I’m looking when she shoves a custard cream into her mouth. It disappears whole like an envelope propelled through a gaping letterbox. Crumbs splutter across the back of my useless left hand as she chants, ‘Teatime, Ellie. Sorry, we’re out of custard creams, but I’ve saved you a Bourbon. They’re your favourites.’

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