The space between thoughts

thought image

The role of ‘thought’ in our experience of life and the world around us has been a defining understanding over the last few years for me. But it’s never been in such sharp relief as in the last 17 months. I am bemused by the observation of myself seesawing between different worries, concerns and misunderstandings as I try (along with the rest of humanity) to make sense of how we’ve got to where we are.

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I am, therefore I think

the thinker by rodin

In 1637 René Descartes published his Discourse on the Method in French stating in Latin, Cogito, ergo sum which roughly translates as I think, therefore I am. And ever since I first came across the phrase whilst studying philosophy at Uni, I’ve had a problem with it. It’s always felt as if it’s a bit itchy or scratchy, niggling away in the back of my mind that something about it wasn’t quite right.

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In conversation with Caroline Brewer

caroline brewer interview image

This week, I’m in conversation with my close friend and first-time author Caroline Brewer. We first met back in 2009 when we both attended business network and later Toastmasters International meeting. Caroline’s book is called More Than You Think and it came out, first in Kindle format and later in paperback during lockdown and I was incredibly honoured when she asked me to write the foreword.

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The coaster of thought

picture of a coaster

I’m guilty m’lud of taking the world around me for granted. I look at the wonders of creation and barely give them a second thought. Of course that tree is growing, my dog wants me to pat him, a friend says hello. All of these things feel commonplace, ordinary, unexceptional. But, when I stopped ‘looking’ … Read more